Looking to 2014


What a busy year we have have had in Health and Physical Education!

P-2s had a great time at their Intensive Swimming Program at the end of Term 3.
Grade 3/4s have excelled in their Hockey unit, combining teamwork, fundamental motor skills and sportsmanship for a brilliant learning experience.
Grade 5/6 students explored gymnastics for the first time and overall it was a very rewarding unit with everybody achieving their goals.

We look forward to an exciting start to 2014 to begin more fantastic learning opportunities.

Keep tuned to check out what we’re up to in HPE lessons and in extra-curricular activities!



2 thoughts on “Looking to 2014

  1. Prep K

    In Prep K we are really excited about PE this term. The things we cannot wait to do are:
    Going to swimming – We are excited to go on the bus to the swimming pool. We get to learn how to swim and to be a good swimmer.
    We are excited to learn new games and activities.
    We look forward to using Mr Squiggle because he reminds us of what to do and helps us with our learning in PE.
    From Prep K

  2. Prep D

    Prep D is having a fantastic term, and already we are doing some fantastic learning.
    Mr Squiggle helps us remember what we are supposed to do and helps us learn new activties in PE.
    Some things Prep D like and are looking forward to are:
    – Spot the colour
    – ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES – we love trying new activities
    – Zigzag relay
    – We are looking forward to doing swimming
    – I like the Seesaw activity
    – We are excited to use the skipping ropes later this term
    – We like Bean bag drop because it tests our catching


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